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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

Steadman Fuller started his sojourn in the book industry in 1968 as a summer employee while in high school. He continued through his student years at the MICO Teacher Training College up to his graduation in 1973. Today he is the CEO and managing director.

Over time, a synergy developed between Steadman's holiday jobs and his training as a teacher that gave rise to the idea that he could equally, if not better, serve the nation's education programme through the Kingston Bookshop. As a result after graduation from The MICO, and two years in the classroom, he accepted a permanent position at the Kingston Bookshop as Assistant Manager. Two years later he became Manager of the company and in 1978, General Manager. He was named CEO and managing director in 1996.

"The business challenged me, and I like a good challenge," says Mr. Fuller. "As a young educator, I felt that my contribution towards educating the nation could go beyond my efforts at the chalkboard. Involvement in the operations of the Kingston bookshop provided that opportunity."

Kingston Bookshop's place in the forefront of the industry is matched by that of its CEO. He is a Founding Member of the Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) which was established in 1989. He presently serves as vice president of the board of directors. Prior to this he served as President, Vice President and Sector Representative for Distribution at various times. He was the second recipient of the BIAJ's Trail Blazer Award which was introduced to honour individuals who had made seminal contributions to the industry.

He also works closely with the Ministry of Education on a variety of related issues and has helped co-ordinate the distribution of secondary textbooks under the book rental system.

Mr Fuller was a nominee for the prestigious Gleaner Honour Award for 2005.
Under the inspired leadership of Mr Fuller the Kingston Bookshop has enjoyed considerable growth and development especially with the acquisition of Jamaica's largest agency portfolio for representation of overseas publishers in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Mr Fuller and his wife Sonia are parents to four adult children. He is an avid sports enthusiast.


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