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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

This, the fifth store in the Kingston Bookshop chain features the very latest in bookstore design and layout; this with a view to offering the cosmopolitan, highly discriminating and valuable Jamaican clientele the very best in service. It complements sister store Shop # 23 in the Pavilion Mall. This new store boasts a six-station Cyber Centre providing internet access for customers; laminating and binding machines to facilitate professional presentation of school and other projects; a Children’s Corner that will feature child related themes, story-telling and comfortable seating for on-spot reading.

In addition to the new features, this store is offering the same high standard of service and quality product that Jamaicans have become accustomed to from the Kingston Bookshop. Regular opening hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Special opening hours are arranged for your shopping convenience during the back-to-school period.

Ms. Faylin Anderson is supervisor of the Springs team.

Tel: (876) 920-1529 / (876) 960-7104
Fax: (876) 968-6277

All prices are subject to change.
Email us at : info@kingstonbookshop.com

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