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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

Sourcing hard-to-get-publications
When you can't find that MUST HAVE book please give us a call or e-mail us at info@kingstonbookshop.com We will source it for you. If it is available, we'll find it! 

Gift Certificates
What better way to ensure your gift is PERFECT than by having the recipient making the choice! With books, through a KINGSTON BOOKSHOP Gift Certificate, you can't be wrong! Check with us.

At Kingston Bookshop we understand the demands of Back-to-school. That's why we introduced the Lay-A-Way-Plan. We give You up to 60 days to pay under this Plan. Select your books and materials then make a down payment. Even if stocks run out, we'll guarantee delivery of your purchases when you make your final payment!

Fax-In-Pick-Up Orders
Under our customer-friendly system we offer a Fax-In-Pick-Up Orders service. That's it: Fax in your order; collect at your convenience during the working day! That's It!!

Please call the Store most convenient to you:

74 King Street Tel: 922-7016/922-7312
Fax: 922-0127
70b King Street Tel: 922-4056/967-1479
Fax: 922-7848
Stationery Centre Tel: 922-7325
Fax: 948-6787
Pavilion Tel: 960-5376/968-4591
Fax: 968-2325
Boulevard SuperCentre Tel: 934-0574/934-1593
Fax: 934-0054
The Springs Tel: 920-1529/960-7104
Fax: 968-6277
Liguanea Post Mall Tel: 978 7261
Fax: 946 0914

All prices are subject to change.
Email us at : info@kingstonbookshop.com

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