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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

The Purchasing Department is housed at the Corporate Offices located at 74 King Street in Kingston. The department has over-all responsibility for the purchasing of all books coming into the company. This includes establishing economic-order quantities, identifying sources, negotiating prices and placing orders. Follow-up is carried out to the point of delivery when the operation is taken over by the Warehouse Department.

The Purchasing Department works closely with publishing houses in the United Kingdom, United States and the Caribbean to ensure an adequate flow of all types of books to meet the needs of a very wide customer base.

It is this department as well that deals with Special Orders as these relate to books that are not easily available. Orders may be sent to our email address info@kingstonbookshop.com

Manager of this department is Mr. Denroy Mullings; purchasing officer Mr Leroy Treasure and an administrative assistant Amoy Miller .

Mr. Denroy Mullings - email: dmullings@kingstonbookshop.com
Mr. Leroy Treasure - email: ltreasure@kingstonbookshop.com

All prices are subject to change.
Email us at : info@kingstonbookshop.com

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