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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

Consequent on the phenomenal development of an enviable portfolio of publishing houses – the UK-based Nelson Thornes, Macmillan Publishers, Oxford University Press, The Hodder Group and Evans Brothers and the Trinidad-based Royards Publishing – management found it necessary to set up a department to promote the school texts put out by these publishers. This is done primarily through face-to-face contact. Other methods include distribution of samples, catalogues, fliers, consultations and direct mailing campaigns.

In addition, the department maintains a Showroom that stocks books, charts and CD-ROMs from the publishers. Various activities are arranged for teachers in the Showroom on a regular basis. From time to time representatives of the publishers visit the island and team up with EPU staffers to run seminars or do book launches.

Mrs. Euphemia Baugh heads the Department. Other team members are: Promotional Representative - Norman Livingston; Marketing Representatives - Shawn Banton, Damani Johnson and Fredwick Grant.


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