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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

The Kingston Bookshop heartily congratulates national champions (different age groups) in the 2005 Jamaica Library Service (JLS) Reading Competition. They are Jervine Richards (6-8) - 8 years old from Frankfield Primary; Ainseanlea Campbell (9-11) – 11 years old from Glenmuir High; Ariel Graham (12-14) – 13 years old from Ocho Rios High and Adult Champion Kamau Mahakoe novelist, reporter and author. Her service point was the Greater Portmore Branch Library, St. Catherine.

The Kingston Bookshop is happy to put its support behind this highly successful venture along with its sister activity, the Reading Fair.

MD Steadman Fuller was one of the speakers at the launch of the events. Directors Sonia and Shauna Fuller, along with manager of the Educational Promotions Unit (EPU) Mrs Euphemia Baugh, shared in activities at luncheon for contestants. Miss Fuller attended the Finals of the reading competition held in the studios of Television Jamaica and made presentations.

Mrs Baugh headed the staff complement participating in the Reading Fair on September 10.

This was a grand affair - held on the East lawn of Devon House. Summer workers and others participated in a road march from the Mandela Park up to Devon House.

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