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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

KINGSTON BOOKSHOP began as the S.P.C.K. (Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge) Bookshop in 1963. It was one of a number of stores in the Caribbean owned by The Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge (SPCK), a UK-based company. Their focus then was on the distribution of religious literature and other church-related items.

The 70b King Street store was appropriately situated on lands adjoining the historic Kingston Parish Church at Parade in the centre of Downtown Kingston where it still stands. It was under the direct management of the late Mr. Leslie F. Ridout, a bookselling pioneer who was sent to oversee the SPCK operations in the Caribbean.

Kingston Parish Church

In 1974 the company divested their Caribbean holdings and at this time the store was renamed Kingston Bookshop.

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