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The Kingston Bookshop was pleased once again to salute teachers in a series of luncheons across the island...

Management of the Kingston Bookshop had for years been concerned about customer comfort at the 70b Store, particularly during the peak Back-to-school season. This gave birth to the idea of another downtown store that would ease the burden from 70b and provide valuable clientele with the customer-friendly, comfortable shopping experience to which they had become accustomed. So, when premises became available at 74 King Street the purchase was made and the building was refurbished to accommodate a store and the Corporate Offices of the company. 74 opened its doors in 1998.
Since that time costumers have been enjoying the Kingston Bookshop customer-friendly service and as a bonus, there is hassle free parking just in front of the store!!!
Supervisor of 74 is Mrs. Sonia Hepburn. She heads a staff complement of 10 at a store that is committed to giving quality service and value for your dollar.
Regular opening hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Special opening hours are arranged for your shopping convenience during the back-to-school period.
Tel: (876) 922-7016 / (876) 922-7312
Fax: (876) 922-0127

All prices are subject to change.
Email us at : info@kingstonbookshop.com

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